Sama Amlashi is a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor with over 10 years experience teaching yoga, nutritionist (Nutrition BSc), Wellness Coach and health enthusiast, with over 9 years of experience in meditation and nutritional health.

Sama first felt drawn to begin her journey with yoga in order to connect with her body and follow a passion she'd always had but felt she'd have to wait later in life to pursue. After a wake-up call moment in her life she decided to go for it and has never looked back since.


She is deeply passionate about spirituality and thrives off of teaching people how to heal themselves and create the life of their dreams in ALL areas of their life with one simple core teaching: healing the relationship with oneself, thus reflecting in all areas of life.


"My intention is to help you find peace, love and acceptance within yourself."

Another big area of passion for her is Yoga Inner Alignment & Healing: a unique method of emotional blockage and energy release developed by Sama combining yoga and spiritual healing techniques, to guide the body into a state of releasing trapped emotions held in the muscle fascia (the muscle fascia are the gateway channels between the physical body and the energetic body).

Yoga, nutrition and health are foundational passions that alongside those mentioned above, have played a crucial role in the majority of Sama's life. 

One of her greatest joys in doing what she does, is applying the spiritual and foundational techniques in healing, to her nutritional coaching and yoga teaching practice, to witness unimaginable breakthroughs in her clients' lives!  


She loves being active, writing and expressing herself through creative arts such as poetry, dance, art, music and yoga.


Sama​ believes that we are each entirely responsible for the reality we are constantly co-creating and believes that living a spiritual life involves taking a very conscious, committed and active approach to self-transformation - an ongoing process and discipline that is continually taking place in every moment, all maintained with one simple intention: to choose love above all else.