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Living and breathing fitness from a young age, with a background in gymnastics and competitive swimming, I always knew my passion for fitness would seep into my career and take centre stage.

For almost the last decade I’ve been immersed in the health & wellness industry as a Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor - and later, Personal Trainer. 

Fitness saved me not just once, but TWICE and helped me overcome anxiety and depression both as a child, and later as an adult. 

I fell in love with weight training and it transformed my life. It taught me self-discipline, consistency, commitment, love and respect not just for myself and body, but a drastic shift took place in every area of my life. 

My intention is to help you not only find strength, confidence, love and transformation within yourself as you achieve your goals, but to deeply empower you to be your most radiant self, in every area of your life.

I take a holistic approach to training, incorporating weight-training, nutrition and yoga (for increasing mobility and decreasing mental stress/anxiety) all into your bespoke training programme (unless you’d prefer otherwise) to bring about PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION from the inside out! 

Work with Sama and receive your free Nutritional Assessment and Meal Plan to support you in achieving your goals.

Free first session offered! 

For bespoke personalized personal training sessions with Sama, to help you achieve your fitness goals, contact Sama at or text 07867121048

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