The Divine Connection Meditation

The Divine Connection Meditation


Realize the truth of your Divinity...

Surrender to peace and Love Itself to claim the truth of who you REALLY are. This is a 15-minute, explosively potent meditation that rapidly aligns you with your Divine Identity.

From this place, you not only catapult yourself deeper into peace and your Perfect Union, but align with the state that allows the manifesting of all of your core desires.


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    Due to the nature of this work and the energy invested in creating this meditation, all sales are final. 


“My Pranayama & Meditation session with Sama was absolutely divine. Her peaceful, angelic voice guided me through a one-hour meditation in which I was truly able to feel my oneness with my twin on every level.

I was actually able to hold the visualization - whereas in the past I couldn't! I am amazed at how much more at peace I feel in just one week.” 

—  Cristina, USA

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Due to the nature of this work, all sales are final.