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The Lover And The Beloved

The following poem is one I wrote on October 25th 2017, in the night and out of the blue. It came to me almost as a "package" all at once. As I grabbed my notebook and began to write, so too, the poem began to take form and transformed into a sweet tangible nectar of love.

This poem is a conversation between The Lover (God/the Creator/Source/the Universe) and His Beloved. As children of the Creator, WE are in fact the Beloveds of the benevolent, almighty Creator. It is HE who is our truest and most Divine Lover and it is from this Divine love that our love for our Twin Flame is deeply rooted.

At the core, we are passionately desiring to come home to our Truest Lover, we are desiring to come home in love, to God. The intimacy and wholeness we crave from our Twin Flame is in fact a projection of the intimacy and wholeness that we crave from God.

Your Creator is patiently awaiting your return Home. He loves you unconditionally, and has His arms wide open, awaiting for you to turn within and see that He never left you - that it was only you who momentarily stepped away, and that it is only you who holds the power right now in this very moment to step back into His Divine embrace.

The power to CHOOSE LOVE and CHOOSE GOD lies in your hands in this very moment - what are you waiting for?! TAKE IT, SNATCH IT and INDULGE in this LOVE - after all, it is your birthright and completely yours by Divine Right!

I hope you enjoy!


The Lover And The Beloved

- Sama Amlashi -

Beloved prays:

I long to hear the voice of my lover, my partner, my flame

This journey feels tough, it is wearing me down

I cannot see my lover no matter where I look around.

Lover replies:

I am that, my child, I am.

Beloved asks:

That makes no sense! To whom do I speak?

Is it you my sweet love or with myself do I speak?

Lover replies:

My Dear Child, you speak with me as you always have,

I am that lover you seek and I am that love you so passionately miss.

I am that fresh spring that quenches your thirst,

And the rich drink of wine that your lips softly meet.

I am that air that fills your chest,

I am that tree, that bird, that nest.

I am that I am, my child...I am that, I am.

You have searched for me in others with closed eyes,

Unaware that I have always been,

Even the flowers that lay beneath your very feet.

I eagerly watched as your years went by,

As you pleaded and cried for your life to be right.

As you tore through lovers and friends looking for,

Something inexplicable, something more.

'Twas the end of the night when I heard your call,

The deep sigh in your heart as you curled up in a ball.

Surrender my child and trust that you'll see,

The one who will break your fall is me.

For you are not just falling, but flying too,

In my arms, you'll remember, the love you once knew.

I sent you this lover, a love that is True,

A match made in heaven, created perfectly for you.

For meeting this lover, within shall ignite,

A yearning so powerful, the desire to unite.

Surrender to me, let me carry you through,

But know the power to choose, is my gift to you.

I patiently await your return to my door,

In search of answers, within, at your core.

For there I bestow my love unto you,

Where fear is transmuted into love so true.

Sweet child you see, this whole time as you roam,

Your magnificent soul already knows the way home.

So I'll wait for you to remember it is me,

That you are my Beloved and your Lover is me.


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