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An Ocean's Journey Within

Do you see the stars illuminating the sky? 

The moon is beaming for us tonight. 

There's a whisper in the air,

Thick with love and hope. 

As I reminisce our sweet lovestory, 

I am reminded of a dream. 

One night I dreamt of a lovestory between the Ocean and a Tree,

I was the Ocean, and you, my Beloved, were the Tree.

I was soft and supple, free-flowing, nurturing, 

You were majestic and strong, roots grounding down, deep into the earth. 

Every night I would come to you and hold you within my embrace, 

But alas the Sun would rise again and my tides would take me away...

I was hopeless and sad, couldn't understand as to why, 

The Divinity would create lovers to be apart. 

I raged my seas at the Divinity above, 

All I wanted was to be with my Love. 

I asked and asked, then one day I heard, 

A voice that came to me through a bird.

"The answers you seek, can only be found, 

In the place that you know, where no other's around."

There was only one place that I knew of like that, 

In the depths of my waters, these answers sat. 

So, I journeyed within and was able to see, 

The Truth that was sitting, within my very own seas. 

An eternal seed planted in my core,

Had been growing, growing and growing some more.

I followed the roots from my ocean floor,

A peculiar sensation, have I been here before?

I discovered these roots as One with me,  

And fell in love with this abandoned part you see.   

The roots, they led to the trunk of the Tree, 

The One I saw my Beloved to be. 

This whole time I yearned for the dawn to never come, 

To be able to hold my Beloved in my arms.

The journey home was not to the Tree,

But the seed the Divinity had planted in me.

The love I was seeking, didn't exist outside,

How silly it was, to be blaming the tide. 

My Beloved you see, was never the Tree, 

I am my Beloved and my Beloved is me. 

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